Cheap Fees = Cheap Service

 In Property management

You often hear the phrase you get what you pay for, this is often said when referring to an item you are buying. Well the same can be said for property management.

Management fees are the most competitive part of your agreement, but the difference between agencies that charges 5.5% and 7.7% could quite easily be the survival of your investment.

The best way to look at it is, what are you missing out on if you go with the agency that only charges 5.5%? is it;
• Rent reviews?
• Regular inspections?
• Driving to your property which is 40 minutes away to show one person at 5pm on a Friday?
• Regular updates?
These are just some of the many benefits you could be missing out on.

Is it time for you to reconsider who manages your investment? Think about what you are missing out on by paying cheaper fees. You may be saving money with your management fee, but your expenses will be higher and your property will suffer in the long run costing you money.

Remember, cheap fees always indicates cheap service!!

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