Defect/Maintenance Inspections

 In Property management

At Jackson Bell Property we do a lot of work with brand new properties, therefore when we conduct the first routine inspection at a property, we also conduct a defect inspection.

At these inspections we look for a few things:

  • Settlement cracking
  • Maintenance noted prior to handover has been rectified
  • Settlement issues
  • Exterior of property is in good condition
  • No leaks now the property is tenanted

The list goes on!

At this point we also ask the tenant if they have noticed anything, sometimes there are items you won’t notice until you are living in a property. For example:

  • Doors catching
  • Missing power points

During our other routine inspections, we also believe it is imperative to make sure a property is up to date with maintenance and compliance.
To achieve this, we also look for maintenance or potential maintenance problems.

Yes, this does become an expense for the landlord that the tenant has not requested however, by catching the problem early we are able to save the landlord in the long run. Thus, keeping their investment property making the landlord money.
We also believe that this is important so our tenants live in safe properties and they are all compliant with current legislation.

Some of the main maintenance items we look for are:

  • Smoke alarms working
  • Mould
  • Leaks
  • Appliances working correctly
  • Power points, exhaust fans etc are still in place

The list is endless!

So if you’re looking for a Property Management company that is interested in protecting your investment contact the team at Jackson Bell Property, the piece missing from your investment property.

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