Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to connect utilities into my name?

  • Yes before you move into the property you will need to contact your preferred electricity, gas and phone/internet providers to arrange a connection.


Do I need to get my own insurance?

  • Yes you will need to set up your own contents insurance, the landlords insurance only covers the property itself.


How often will you conduct routine inspections?

  • Your first inspection will be within 3 months, then the inspections will be every 4-6 months after that.


What if my rent payment will be late?

  • We have a ZERO tolerance for rent payments, however if this situation is completely unavoidable please contact your property manager immediately to discuss the situation in confidence.


Will I be required to pay for water?

  • As tenants you are only required to pay for the water usage charges, the landlord is responsible for paying for the services charges.


Am I responsible for lawn maintenance?

  • This is dependent on your lease, however in most cases yes. The tenant will be responsible for watering the lawns and gardens, mowing the lawns and tidying the gardens.


I am moving out, however another tenant on the lease wants to stay is this allowed?

  • Yes this is allowed, you must provide your property manager and the other tenant/s with the correct amount of written notice first. Then after the notice period expires you will no longer be responsible for the property.