How Often Should you Change your Sheets?

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Be honest: when was the last time you changed your sheets? Last week? Last month? Can’t remember?

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh sheets when you fall into bed at night. In fact, some research suggests they might help you sleep better – but we get it, the whole change-wash-dry-fold process can be tedious.

Thankfully, there’s a happy medium between endless washing and bed-bug city.

This is what happens if you don’t change your sheets:-

We spend one third of our time in bed, and a whole range of unpleasant things can wind up in our sheets – everything from dead skin cells, body oil, sweat and grime, to bacteria, flu viruses, dust mites, bed bugs, makeup remains, food crumbs and pet ‘residue’.

It doesn’t matter how clean you think you are or if you shower before bed. Yuck.

There’s no rule about how frequently you should change your sheets, but it’s a good idea to do change your sheets at least once a week. If your schedule is busy, try not to postpone it for more than two weeks.

It’s especially important to change your sheets weekly if you suffer from an allergic disease like hay fever.

How to wash your sheets

Turn your sheets inside out and roll them into a ball to help retain the colour integrity. Wash your sheets at 60 degrees celsius, as this temperature is better for killing germs. Use a washing detergent of your choice, and you can also add fabric softener. Hang your bedding to air dry.

If allergies are a problem for you, use a dryer. We encourage people to dry their sheets in the dryer rather than outside where the sheets cab collect pollen which can trigger allergic conditions.

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