How to make your Rental Application stand out

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Are you sick of having your rental application declined time and time again? You’ve been to open homes, seen how many people turn up, how competitive it is to secure a rental property! It’s always hard to be the application that gets approved, and the landlord is often sold the application by the property manager.

We have put together some tips to help make your rental application stand out and be the one the property manager recommends to the landlord.


1. Inspections

Your application process always starts when you view the property, this is a must for every tenant wanting to apply. If you yourself cannot view the property then send someone on your behalf.

You need to make sure you present well at this inspection, dress to impress. Now this doesn’t mean you need to wear a ball gown or a suit, but rather make sure your clothes are clean and look nice. Presentation is your first impression on the property manager.

You also need to make sure the property manager knows who you are. That way when they begin processing applications they know you have seen the property and you were well presented at the inspection.


2. Applications

Make sure you submit the right application form for the leasing agent, it shows you have taken the time to fill out the right application for the property instead of just sending in a generic 1Form to every property you’ve applied for. Furthermore, lots of agencies these days don’t accept 1Form applications so you’re submission might not even be received.

It’s also suggested that you fill out your application form and bring it along to the inspection to submit if you like the property. You just need to make sure you also have all your supporting documents with the application form.

When filling out your rental application and cover letter, think of how you would apply for a job. Think of your rental application as a resume, for a job you really want. You need to make sure all the questions are answered, your answers are truthful and that all supporting documents are submitted when you hand in your application.

Adding a cover letter to your application adds that personal touch. It can also highlight your points of difference and why you are the better applicant. When writing your cover letter it is also good to express the date you want to move into the property and the length of lease you would like to start off with.


3. Custom Rental Offer

Now you’ve found the perfect rental, it suits all your needs but there were 10 people that submitted applications at the inspection, you know your application is good, but how do you get your application to the top. Sometimes offering a higher rent price may be what gets your application over the line.  Now we aren’t talking offering an extra $100/week sometimes an extra $10/week can make all the difference to a landlord.


4. Pet Resume

A lot of perspective tenants out there have pets and an application always asks you if you have any pets.

Going into more detail about your pet can make a landlord and property manager more comfortable approving your application with the pet.

By giving a brief description or your pet, letting them know its age, sex, if its de-sexed and including a photo or two can highlight you care about your animal, therefore a more likely to take care of it and in turn it does not damage the property.

The points above are only some points to help your application stand out, these points may not guarantee your success when applying for properties.

If you would like to talk more about your application and how to create the best application for your preferred properties please don’t hesitate to contact us at Jackson Bell Property.

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