How to organise without getting overwhelmed

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If the thought of starting to organise your space makes you anxious and worried, you’re not alone. Organising a cluttered space can leave the best of us feeling overwhelmed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips to face that fear so you can get organised and get on with your life.

1. Wishing doesn’t make it happen – As we all know, though, wishing something to be true and taking the steps to get there are two very different things.

2. Decide what you want – Clearly establish the vision you have for the space you want to work on. Set it in stone.

3. Start with small steps – Set small attainable goals.

4. Be consistent – In other words, divide a big project up into very small doable steps. And pat yourself on the back each time you complete one of those steps.

5. Understand that setbacks are normal – It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the process. Don’t be defeated, take a break and keep going.

6. Call in reinforcements – Find a buddy who can help.

7. Small ‘wins’ build confidence and lead to bigger successes – Small consistent steps over time will do it.

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