Ingoing Inspections

 In Property management

As property managers we do a little more than just collect the rent, we also conduct a number of different inspections for each tenancy.

These inspections are:
• Ingoing inspections
• Routine inspections
• Maintenance inspections
• Vacate inspections

We will be releasing a number of blogs to explain all these different inspections and how we conduct them.

To start off with, the first inspection we do in an ingoing inspection, this is where we complete the condition report. These reports are time consuming and tedious, however if they are not done correctly, they can cost a landlord a lot of money at the end of a tenancy.

To start the process off for a condition report, the agents attends the property and takes anywhere upwards of 200 photos depending on the size of the property. This usually takes about 2 hours.

Once all the photos have been taken its then time to fill in the report, noting cleanliness, damage and if things are working for every part of the
property, whether it’s a door stop, exhaust fan, windowsill, tap etc. This process takes two hours plus.

Now all up this process should take around 4 hours and cost the life of a tree to print it all out. Unfortunately, though I have seen agents think that 8-12 photos are enough and just have a generic report that they print out for everyone. The problem is this just won’t stand at the end of a tenancy when trying to prove damage and cleaning issues with a tenant, especially if the matter ends up at tribunal.

Here at Jackson Bell Property we like to take the time to ensure our landlords and their properties are properly cared for, and every step is taken to protect the property and have it returned in its best possible condition.

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