Is your property compliant with current legislation?

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As a landlord with a great tenant, it’s easy to become complacent. You’ve got a steady income and no worries. However, are you sure your property currently meets all its requirements? With the legislation due to change this year you need to ensure your property meets all the requirements.


All maintenance needs to be completed in a timely manner to ensure your property is kept safe and secure. Urgent repairs are very important, and therefore tenants are given a list of preferred contacts should anything happen out of hours. Urgent repairs include things like heating/cooling systems, hot water systems, water, electricity, locks and security fittings.

If any of these items are currently not up to standard you will need to have your property manager address them immediately.

Smoke Alarms

Currently, the landlord’s responsibility lies with making sure a property has smoke alarms and the batteries are changed at the beginning of every tenancy and the tenant is responsible for changing the batteries during the tenancy. However, the new legislation states that the landlord will need to conduct annual testing on the smoke alarms to ensure they are working, change the batteries and replace any expired or broken alarms.

Therefore, we suggest using a specialised company to check your alarms annually to guarantee the property is safe for the tenants and you are covered in case the worst happens.

Water Efficiency

Fair Trading has outlined the minimum criteria for a property to allow landlords to pass on water usage charges:

  • The rental premises must be individually metered
  • The charges must not exceed the amount billed for water usage by the water supplier
  • The rental premises must meet the required ‘water efficiency’ standards
    1. Internal cold water taps have a maximum flow rate of 9 litres/minute
    2. Shower heads have a maximum flow rate of 9 litres/minute
    3. No leaking taps at the premises

Pools & Spas

If you are the owner of a property with a swimming pool or spa pool, these laws apply to you. The law applies to any excavation, structure or vessel – including swimming pools and spa pools – that are:

  • Capable of being filled with water to a depth greater than 30cm, and
  • Used, designed, manufactured or adapted for swimming, wading, paddling or any other human aquatic activity.

Swimming pool laws are:

  • Registering your pool or spa
  • Council approved fencing
  • Displaying CPR signage
  • Certification

If you have any questions about the above-mentioned compliance issues please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Jackson Bell Property. It is crucial your property always meets the minimum compliance standards.

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