Organising Hacks Part 1

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When every space in your home is valuable, it pays to be organised with your storage. When it comes to dealing with smaller spaces, however, there are some tips to stay organised. Here are the top seven:

1. Declutter, declutter, declutter

Certain items in the kitchen come to mind like bulky rice cookers or bread machines or even yogurt makers. Those things take up valuable space for a small return so unless you use them regularly consider ditching these appliances.

2. Your things should multitask wherever possible

While we’re on the topic of items that can be used for multiple purposes, consider replacing pieces of furniture with those that can give you some much-needed storage.

3. Maximise the space you have

Look for storage spaces you might not have seen or considered before. In our experience, there’s often lots of this kind of space.

4. Vertical space to the rescue

Utilising the vertical spaces in your home can often provide a workable and stylish solution to storage problems.

5. What’s on the back of your doors?

Things can be hung on both the bedroom and the bathroom doors and will add quite a lot of extra ‘drawer’ space.

6. Under your bed

Under your bed is a great place for luggage that’s not being used. And, by the way, consider storing all of your out-of-season clothing in your luggage when you’re not using it.

7. Storage tricks inside cupboards

Placing risers in your cupboards can double your shelf space. Tension rods can be installed under most sinks and in most lower-level cabinets.

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