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How many times have you tried to email your property manager about something simple, like where a maintenance job is up too? Or how much money you will receive this month? As a landlord there are so many questions you sometimes need answered immediately but cannot get the answers you need straight away because your property manager is busy or its out of hours. How easy would it be if there was an online portal you could log into and see all the information about your investment property right there on a screen in front of you?

Well here at Jackson Bell Property that’s what we do, we use a system called Property Tree, this system has a tenant and landlord portal which allow you to log in and see rent payments, maintenance, receipts, invoices and so much more. On top of this you’re also able to directly chat with your property manager keeping everything in one place.

Further to this, at Jackson Bell Property we also use a program called Inspect Real Estate, this allows the agent to send on the spot updates to the landlord with details of how the open home went. The agent is also able to keep the prospective tenants details to follow up if they are going to submit an application. The other amazing features of this system relates to prospective tenants and ensuring the property is leased in a timely manner. Whenever a tenant sends through an enquiry they receive an automatic response, this leaves the tenants feeling acknowledged, this automatic response will usually specify the main details of the property, answer any generic questions the tenants may have and attached is our application form so the tenants are able to fill it out and bring it along to the inspection. The tenants are also able to book in to view the property at a time that suits them, meaning they are more like to turn up and view the property.

Inspection Manager is one of the other online systems we use, this program is used for ongoing, routine and vacate inspections. It keeps all photos allocated to each section of the property and even allows for videos to be attached to the report. Once the report has been completed the report is emailed to the landlord where they can view all videos and photos. The report is then saved to property tree to the tenant profile so we can access it at any time that’s needed and refer back to when we complete the next inspection.

If your tired of your property manager posting things out to you only for you to lose or misplace, or not being able to contact your property manager when you need to, please give us a call at Jackson Bell Property 02 4936 4333.

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