Renting with Pets

 In Property management

Many landlords are nervous about renting to a tenant with a pet, this is usually due to either having a bad experience in the past or knowing someone who has had a bad experience with pets in their investment home.

This can make finding a rental home with a pet extremely hard with a little as only 10% of rentals allow furry housemates.

However, things are slowly changing, making it easier to keep our loved ones with us. Many landlords will look at accepting a pet if the tenant is prepared to pay a little extra rent each week and/or there are guarantees in place that all damage gets rectified, the carpets cleaned and a flea spray completed at the end of the tenancy.

Things you need to know about renting with pets in NSW:

  • Pets are allowed in rentals in NSW but you must have the consent of the landlord.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure the property is suitable for their animal and they are liable for any damage caused.
  • If you have a pet that is excessively loud or a nuisance interfering with the peace of your neighbours, it can be deemed a breach of your lease.
  • If a landlord carries out a rental inspection they must take care if an animal is on the lease.
  • By-laws in unit and apartment complexes include a pet clause, this will specify if you can keep a pet at the property and what kind of pet is can be.

Always remember as a tenant there is no harm in asking if a property is pet friendly, especially if you believe you have a strong tenancy application. Many owners may also consider letting you add a furry addition to your household instead of having to find new tenants.

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