Routine Inspections

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The second inspection we conduct is routine inspections.

These are one of the most important inspections carried out during a tenancy. As property managers we can conduct up to 4 routine inspections in a 12 month period. We have found the most effective way to do these inspections is to complete 3 inspections in a 12 month period and then keeping 1 inspection as a spare in case there needs to be a re-inspection or the owners would like to attend.

At these inspections we look for maintenance, defects, damage and cleanliness of the property. Sometimes these things can be hard to spot as tenants try to cover things up, but we try to play detective as best we can!

We also believe that landlords should be invited to attend every inspection so they can see the property for themselves. We also believe that no matter how long a tenant has lived in a property that regular inspections still need to be conducted because things can change so quickly, and we want to make sure things never get out of control.

At routine inspections the agents will take photos inside every room trying to show all sides of the room, we also take photos/videos of any damage or maintenance to help better explain what is going on at a property.

Once the inspection has been completed the photos are synced with a report where we go through room by room marking the rooms a satisfactory or not and if the landlord or tenant has any follow up items. We then write any necessary comments.

Once the report is completed a full copy is then email to the landlord for them to inspect. The tenants will also receive an email at this point letting them know we have attended the property and whether it is satisfactory or not. Here is where we will also highlight any follow up items for the tenants.

If you’re a landlord who hasn’t received a copy of a routine inspection in more than 4 months, or hasn’t been invited to attend a routine inspection, contact the team at Jackson Bell Property to make sure your property is being properly cared for.

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