Tenant FAQ’s

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Looking for a rental property? For anyone who is new to the rental market, it can be quite overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out these frequently asked questions for tenants and get in touch with one of our friendly team members if you want to know more:

Do I need to connect utilities into my name?

  • Yes before you move into the property you will need to contact your preferred electricity, gas and phone/internet providers to arrange a connection.

Can I apply for a property without viewing it first?

  • We always recommend that tenants inspect a rental property prior to submitting an application. If this is not possible due to location eg. If you are moving from interstate it is a good idea for a friend or family member to inspect the property on your behalf.

Do I need to get my own insurance?

  • Yes you will need to set up your own contents insurance, the landlords insurance only covers the property itself.

How often will you conduct routine inspections?

  • Your first inspection will be within 3 months, then the inspections will be every 4-6 months after that.

What if my rent payment will be late?

  • We have a ZERO tolerance for rent payments, however if this situation is completely unavoidable please contact your property manager immediately to discuss the situation in confidence.

Will I be required to pay for water?

  • As tenants you are only required to pay for the water usage charges, the landlord is responsible for paying for the services charges.

Am I responsible for lawn maintenance?

  • This is dependent on your lease, however in most cases yes. The tenant will be responsible for watering the lawns and gardens, mowing the lawns and tidying the gardens.

I am moving out, however another tenant on the lease wants to stay is this allowed?

  • Yes this is allowed, you must provide your property manager and the other tenant/s with the correct amount of written notice first. Then after the notice period expires you will no longer be responsible for the property.

What if I need to break my lease?

  • When you sign a fixed term tenancy agreement (lease) you are committing to stay for the full term. If your circumstances change and you want to move out before the end of the fixed term there are costs involved. The break lease fee is a penalty you agree to pay if you move out before the end of the fixed term.
  • If the fixed term of the agreement is for 3 years or less the break lease fee is:
    • 6 weeks rent if you move out in the first half of the fixed term
    • 4 weeks rent if you move out in the second half of the fixed term

What happens when my lease is due to expire?

  • When your lease is due to expire we will contact the landlord about offering you a new lease if you have looked after the property and paid your rent on time. We will also discuss with the landlord if there is a need for a rent increase to keep the property in line with the current market.
  • There is no necessity for you to sign a new lease you can simply stay on a continuation of agreement where the terms from your original lease stand there is just no fixed end date.
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