Vacate Inspections

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As Property Managers the last inspection we conduct for a tenancy is a vacate inspection, and it is vital we get these right to make sure the landlords property is returned in its best possible condition, less fair wear and tear.

There are a few rules we have to follow when conducting a vacate inspection, we have to invite the tenant to attend. Although it is not explicitly stated in the legislation, tribunal frown heavily upon it if you attend tribunal for a bond claim and the tenant was not given the opportunity to be present at the vacate inspection. We also only have a few days to complete the inspection after the tenant has returned their keys making it very hard to find a time that suits both the tenant and the property manager.

From there we have to take photos and make notes on the vacate report of anything we notice that is damaged, not working or unclean. We then have to compare these notes to the ingoing to ensure they are justified. We also have to come to an agreement with the tenant while they are there about timeframes to get things fixed and what they will actually attend too. This is where it is imperative to ensure your Property Manager has great negotiation skills so your investment is returned in its best possible condition.

As property managers we also have to consider fair wear and tear, now what is fair wear and tear? Well it will be different to every single person reading this, which makes our job extremely hard because we may think something is damaged but the tenant and/or tribunal wont agree. This is where things can become very tedious because although we want to do the best for the landlord and have their property returned in great condition, we also have to decide what is actually justified.

If you have a vacate inspection coming up and would like the best possible result, contact the team at Jackson Bell Property to find out how we can assist you today.

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