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With so many different real estate agencies opening up, how do you find the right property manager for your asset?
Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question as you are all looking for something different from your property manager, some landlords want a property manager who is competent to arrange all maintenance on your behalf so you have minimal involvement in your property, other landlords like to be contacted weekly and know every piece of information about their property and some landlords are right in the middle. This can make the process of finding the right property manager a challenge.

This is where Jackson Bell Property steps in, here we have created processes to fit every landlord’s need, from automatic communications regarding your property, regular inspections and harnessing the right knowledge to boost your asset. At Jackson Bell we have an online portal allowing you to log on and view every detail of your property 24/7, this allows you to choose how much information you receive. On top of this we have the ability to do twice monthly disbursements to you, as well as any one off payments you may require.

Jackson Bell has the ability to send you a full detailed report with up to date photos for every inspection, along with an open invitation every time we attend the property.

We keep up to date with legislation, ensuring your property is always compliant, we conduct regular rent reviews maximising your investments intake and with daily monitoring of arrears you can be rest assured your tenants will be making their rent payments.

So are you happy with the current service you are receiving from your property manager? Or are you sure your property is achieving its best return?

If you answered NO contact Rachael at Jackson Bell Property for a free rental appraisal.

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